A totally different way of learning English!/

Young Pioneers English STEAM e-learning platform is an innovative English language learning programme. Based on the flipped classroom method, it offers knowledge while saving students precious time of pointless commutes. This is also achieved due to distance learning through which students practise their 2020 skills.

The need for communication, as well as specialised and personalised learning, creates an even bigger demand for language learning. It is obvious that students now, and more than ever, need a foreign language, and especially English, in their day-to-day lives, not only to get in touch with people from foreign countries, but also for their everyday studying as most sources of information are in English.

The flipped classroom along with a differentiated approach to teaching is what makes this program one of a kind! Students study all the material from an online platform, make use of authentic material, and practise the language. Once a week, students come to class to review their mistakes, they take part in projects, and deal with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) topics, relevant to their school subjects. In this way, students learns basic terminology in the English language, realise the reasons behind learning a foreign language, and learn how to apply this knowledge.

In the Young Pioneers English STEAM programme, students can cultivate skills and multiple intelligences, or else future work skills 2020, such as virtual cooperation, critical thinking, interdisciplinarity, and computational thinking. These are essential skills for those wishing to rise to the expectations of the demanding and competitive future of work.

Nowadays, English language learning enhances student creativity as well as an effective use of the English language, through the development of new interests and skills.

Special features

e-lesson 1: Introductory topic, grammar tables, vocabulary
e-lesson 2: Text – video, comprehension exercises and listening material
e-lesson 3: Explanatory exercises, applying grammar and vocabulary
e-lesson 4: Practical exercises, applying grammar and vocabulary
e-lesson 5: Writing

  • E-learning platform with lessons and additional material for all learning styles
  • Additional tests
  • Review tests
  • Grammar and vocabulary supplementary material and notes
  • Student account