Studying every day is now a piece of cake!/

Young Pioneers is an innovative study programme which prepares children for the following school day. Young Pioneers is not only the solution to the grueling hours of studying which deprive children of precious leisure time, but it also simultaneously helps students achieve their personal goals.

The type and form of changes taking place in the educational system and the time required of students to spend on their everyday studying are two parameters which influence students’ performance and the development of specific skills which are a ‘must’ for the future of work.

The Young Pioneers programme offers students the opportunity to finish their studying while comprehending their school material on a day-to-day basis. Parents can simultaneously monitor the schedule and performance of their children, as the whole process takes place on the Moodle educational platform.

The programme’s strongest asset is that students can realise how to use on a daily basis the knowledge they take in, as they are given the rare chance to become creative and use their already acquired knowledge to deal with real-life situations and solve everyday problems. As such, they practice and put to use all those skills found within themselves; skills which will be useful to their future.

The Young Pioneers programme is complemented by the Office 365 software, which gives students the opportunity to cooperate online. Additionally, the personality test helps students realise how they learn best and this, in turn, enables teachers design and create their lessons according to their students’ individual needs and expectations.

Now, studying every day is a piece of cake! Students have lots of fun and free-time! Mission accomplished!

Special Features

10 months

Daily classes covering all topics of a typical school year from Grade 3 of primary school until Grade 3 of junior high school.

Personality Test

E-learning platform with supplementary material for all learning styles

Additional material / notes

Review tests

Notes and e-book

Student account